“Hey, Big Boy“, I heard the Pepper plant say to the Tomato, “you look like this hot, humid weather is getting to you.”

“Of course it is!” said the Tomato, “I’m sooo hot, I can’t take it.”

“How do you think I feel?” said the Pepper. “I’m a Jalapeño, I’m always hot!”

“Hey Lettuce all get along,” a voice from the romaine row said. “we can’t all be as cool as a Cucumber.”

“Cool? What makes you think we are always cool?” said one of the Cucumbers. “Just look at my leaves, can’t you see they are wilting in this sun? I need water!”

“I Artichoke you guys for complaining all the time.” came a voice from the other side of the garden. The Artichoke was right, almost every plant in the garden was carrying-on now.

“Oh no, Peas don’t choke me.” said one.

“If I Turnip dead , it’s the Artichokes fault.” said another.

I just couldn’t stand to hear all of that bickering any longer so I picked everyone of the complainers, made myself a nice salad with them, and ate them for lunch. And if anything else in the garden can’t get along I am going to eat it too, yes I Yam.