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Autumn Is In The Air.

Posted by Rick c on Saturday, September 19, 2009,

     We still have a few peppers in the vegetable garden, a few tomatoes, and a whole lot of weeds!  Summer is gone , it's getting cooler at night.  It's time to think over or review what we did in the garden this year.  
     Several kinds of leaf lettuce were planted in late March, they did very well and we had quite a few "free" salads.  Well, let's see, with fertilizer, water, various sprays, and a lot of hours spent, I think each "free" salad cost about $16.99.   At least it was fun.  Nex...

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Our Search for the Pileated Woodpecker

Posted by Rick C on Friday, September 18, 2009,
     Marilyn and I set out this morning on one of our favorite local adventures, a trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center. The C.N.C. is about a thousand acres of woods, ponds, fields, streams, trails, and quite a bit of wildlife. As always, we were hopeing to spot a Pileated woodpecker, a bird that we do not often see. 
     Heading out on a trail that we have only hiked a few times, we were soon deep into the woods. We talked softly and walked slowly, scaning the woods with our eyes and ears. ...

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