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The Dandelion - And The Crocus.

Posted by Rick C. on Sunday, February 21, 2010,
Crocus                       Dandelion

There it was, the first one of the year, a darn dandelion. As I looked out from our sunroom, which overlooks the backyard, I saw the distinctive bright yellow invader. It spoiled the look of the yard, that darn dandelion. I went outside to rid the yard of the unwanted weed. As I approached the yellow spot in the lawn I suddenly realized something, it was not a dandelion. Not a hated dandelion at all, but a crocus, a bright yellow crocus was flo...

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Rooster-One, Me-Zero

Posted by Rick C. on Sunday, February 14, 2010,

I have done battle with many creatures over the contents of my vegetable garden. Raccoons, possums, birds, caterpillars and insects, I had fought them all. I can’t say that I ever won a battle but I have fought them all to a draw. The first ripe, juicy tomato of the season is mine some years, and some other creatures the next year. I had not only fought animals but also fungi, viruses, plant diseases of all sorts. I had fought against drought, heat, cold, storms, you name it and it has a...

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Dog? What Dog??

Posted by Rick c on Sunday, February 14, 2010,

The phone rang, I got up from the dinner table and answered it.

“Keep your dog out of my rose garden.” a ladies voice screamed, then hung up. “Who was that?” Marilyn asked.

“I don’t know, some woman said to keep our dog out of her roses.” I said.

“What dog? We don’t have a dog.” Marilyn replied.

“I know we don’t have a dog, the lady’s nuts.”

We finished our dinner.

Two or three days later I was out back planting some Petunias in a small garden next to th...

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