We still have a few peppers in the vegetable garden, a few tomatoes, and a whole lot of weeds!  Summer is gone , it's getting cooler at night.  It's time to think over or review what we did in the garden this year.  
     Several kinds of leaf lettuce were planted in late March, they did very well and we had quite a few "free" salads.  Well, let's see, with fertilizer, water, various sprays, and a lot of hours spent, I think each "free" salad cost about $16.99.   At least it was fun.  Next year I am going to try to plant the lettuce seed about a week earlier, we'll see what happens. 
      This year for the first time we planted an heirloom tomato, Brandywine.  The taste was great but the yield was dismal.  
We harvested very few fruits from the plant.
      As an experiment I planted several pepper plants in a large container, partially burried in the ground.  They performed great. Loads of peppers all season, in fact they are still getting blooms.
     I enjoy the cooler weather, although it fells like the end of something good.  I guess an ending always brings a new beginning.  In a few months the snow may blanket our garden, the birds will not sing such happy songs, our goldfish pond will cover with ice, and our trees will be bare.  But I know soon after that the crocus will peak through what little snow is left,  the daffodils will start to rise from the soil, and it will all start new again.  And Marilyn and I will be back out there,   
digging and planting, and hopeing and dreaming.  And wondering how it will all turn out.