Everything changes so fast this time of year. Last month where there was bare soil, now there are tulips. Where there were bare branches, now there are leaves of every shape and size. I see colorful blooms and hear singing birds where last month there were only hopes and dreams. Marilyn and I walked our gardens today and took notice of all the changes. Everything was so fresh and new. “Wow, look at this.” she said as we examined our lilac bush. We just planted it last year, it’s only about two feet tall, but it already has large blooms on it. Our Japanese Maple is a real centerpiece of the backyard. It’s deeply cut, delicate looking leaves rival the finest lace. I took a branch in my hand and marveled at its beauty. “It’s so pretty,” Marilyn remarked. She was so right, and only a month ago it was just so many bare branches.

We continued our walk, heading toward the rose garden. The new growth on the rose canes is a reddish color, but will soon turn green. Some very small flower buds are beginning to form on the tips of each branch. It won’t be too long until we have roses. It seems that the first roses of the year are always the largest. “I can’t wait for them to bloom,” I said to Marilyn. “Me neither!” she replied.

A month ago our Wisteria was nothing but a large empty vine. Now it is quite beautiful with hundreds of foot long blooms dangling from the branches. It smells delicious. The bees must think so too, they are all over it, going from one flower to the next. You can hear their buzzing sounds from many feet away. Our Hydrangeas have really made progress the last two weeks. I think it will be a good year for them. Our Spireas, Red Twig Dogwoods, Blue and Red Altheas, our trees, everything is looking good.

Our Goldfish pond and stream have really come to life the last couple of weeks. We have seen several toads and frogs already. The Goldfish come toward us as we stand near the pond. They are wanting to be fed.

Yes, those hopes and dreams of only a month ago are beginning to come true. The garden is reviving itself. We love to be in our garden, sometimes we feel like we are part of the garden. I think the garden brings us closer together. Closer to nature, to each other, and to the Creator of all this beauty. I am amazed by it all.

“Well, everything is doing great. Are you ready to go inside?” I asked Marilyn after our tour of the yard.

I knew what she was going to say. “Let’s look at everything again,” she said. So we did. We walked the yard again. And hopefully we’ll walk it together a thousand more times. And then a thousand more.