It’s HOT! Not “warm,” not “uncomfortable,” not “I wish it would cool off,” not "I need a drink of water.” I’m talking HOT, HOT, HOT! I’m talking “I can’t breathe” hot. “The A.C. is going to explode” hot. “Fry an egg on your forehead” hot. Do you get my point? It’s HOT. I need to cut the grass. But it’s too hot. I need to weed the garden, it’s too hot. Will I get the weeds around the fence cut down? I’m not really lazy. No, it’s too HOT! At least that’s my excuse for not getting anything done this week. Maybe next week. And there is a week after that. Unless it’s too rainy, or I’m too tired, or winter is five months early or……but I’m not lazy…..It's HOT !