Here where I live near Cincinnati we don’t have many lizards. We have snakes, frogs, toads, but rarely do we see a lizard. The other day I looked out from the sunroom and saw a sight that was quite unusual. A little green lizard was sunning himself near our goldfish pond. “Marilyn, come here. Look at this.” I said.

“What is that?” she said.

“It looks like some kind of lizard,” was my reply.

Sure enough it was a lizard, the first one I have ever seen in the yard. And I have been here twelve years.

I went out back to get a better look. The lizard saw me and ran under a nearby fern. Well, that was several days ago and I have seen him a couple of more times, sunning himself. I love seeing the many creatures that live in our gardens.

Keep your eyes open, there is no telling what you might see in your garden. And there is no telling what might see you! That little lizard might have thought to himself “Hey, I just saw a human, how unusual.” You never know.