Daylight Stupid Time

March 6, 2010

Spring forward, Fall back. Fall forward, Spring back. Daylight Savings Time. What the heck is going on here? I’m going nuts! Why can’t it just be 2:00 AM? But no, we can’t have it that simple. When it’s 2:00 am we have to change it to 3:00 AM. Or do we change it to 1:00 AM? I can’t keep it straight. “You will lose an hour,” the man on TV said. How do you lose an hour? Where did that hour go? I’m in bed sleeping and the next thing I know I have lost an hour. As hard as I try I can not lose 10 pounds. It is so hard to lose a loved one. Bad luck is very hard to lose. But lose an hour, nothing to it. I do it every spring in my sleep. If we can spring here and fall there why don’t we really go for it? One hour, why not one year? Better yet, why not twenty years? Instead of springing forward one hour why not just spring the hell right into warm weather. Spring right into a Summer barbeque on the back porch. Spring one of those beers into my hand while you’re at it.

Now you’ve got me thinking. I’m fifty-eight years old, no spring chicken you might say. Well why not Fall right back to being thirty years old? That’s a good age. Yea, if I only knew then what I know now. “Fall back one hour,” they say at the end of every summer. I’ll tell you what, next year I’m going to Fall back all the way to June 1st. I’m going to live the Summer all over again, never getting any older. Ah, if only it was that easy.

Next weekend is it, “Daylight Savings Time“. Why fight it? It happens every year. But how loosing an hour is “Savings Time” I don’t know. I just hope it doesn’t take me to long to get used to it. Wake me up at 2:00 AM so I can change my clocks.


The Dandelion - And The Crocus.

February 21, 2010
Crocus                       Dandelion

There it was, the first one of the year, a darn dandelion. As I looked out from our sunroom, which overlooks the backyard, I saw the distinctive bright yellow invader. It spoiled the look of the yard, that darn dandelion. I went outside to rid the yard of the unwanted weed. As I approached the yellow spot in the lawn I suddenly realized something, it was not a dandelion. Not a hated dandelion at all, but a crocus, a bright yellow crocus was flo...

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Rooster-One, Me-Zero

February 14, 2010

I have done battle with many creatures over the contents of my vegetable garden. Raccoons, possums, birds, caterpillars and insects, I had fought them all. I can’t say that I ever won a battle but I have fought them all to a draw. The first ripe, juicy tomato of the season is mine some years, and some other creatures the next year. I had not only fought animals but also fungi, viruses, plant diseases of all sorts. I had fought against drought, heat, cold, storms, you name it and it has a...

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Dog? What Dog??

February 14, 2010

The phone rang, I got up from the dinner table and answered it.

“Keep your dog out of my rose garden.” a ladies voice screamed, then hung up. “Who was that?” Marilyn asked.

“I don’t know, some woman said to keep our dog out of her roses.” I said.

“What dog? We don’t have a dog.” Marilyn replied.

“I know we don’t have a dog, the lady’s nuts.”

We finished our dinner.

Two or three days later I was out back planting some Petunias in a small garden next to th...

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I KNOW THAT LOOK... (Dirt-y Looks)

January 16, 2010

It was our first vegetable garden together and, hopefully, it was going to be a good one. Marilyn and I just wanted to grow a few tomato, pepper, and cucumber plants. We picked a sunny location in the back yard, then measured out a plot about fifteen feet by six feet.

“Hand me the shovel” I said, as if those words were the official proclamation to begin the project. Marilyn handed me the shovel while giving me that “I-hope-he-doesn’t-think-he’s-going-to-tell-me-what-to-do-a...

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THE MOCKINGBIRD (Who Trained Whom?)

January 9, 2010

     He would hang around the backyard whenever we were out there. Whether we were cutting the grass, planting something, or just walking around, - he was there. Filling the bird feeders, watering the plants - he was there. Every time we were in the yard there he was. Watching us.

     “There’s Mocky.” or “There’s the Mock.” Marilyn would say. Those were our pet names for the Mockingbird. We enjoyed watching him chase other birds out of his territory. He would claim a ...

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My Wish Came True, "Bear-ly"

December 25, 2009

    I was thinking today about the first time Marilyn and I visited the Smokey Mountains. I remember that I was excited because I had never been there before. Marilyn said that she had visited there as a youngster with her parents.  As we headed south-east down the highway, with the radio playing the oldies station, I was wondering what kind of birds and other animals we might see in the mountains.   I turned the radio up.
     "Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' on the river"  we sang along as the old...

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Heading into Winter, Reluctantly. ..Time....

November 13, 2009
     Where does the time go?  Just two weeks ago the leaves on the trees were as pretty as a babys smile.  Now they are brown, blowing all over the yard, and as ugly as the wart on the end of a witches nose.    It seems like one day you are working up a sweat tending to the summer garden, and the next you are scrapeing frost off the cars windshield.  Time.  Time waits for no one, as they say.
     But Time better wait for me. I've got things to do and places to go that I have never been. Hey ...

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Our Overnite Trip to a State Park.

October 17, 2009

     We just got back from our trip to Hocking Hills State Park, about three hours N.E. of our home in Cincinnati, Ohio. The trees are near their peak Fall colors so the entire trip was a kaleidoscope of colors. Reds, yellows, golds, greens, browns, it was all so beautiful.  Marilyn and I stayed in a cozy little chalet on a hill overlooking the woods. With the fireplace burning and the comfortable furnishings we felt right at home. After we unpacked our "Stuff" we headed out to see what we co...

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The Sad Tale of a Little Duckling.

October 2, 2009
     I like to walk. Walk along the rivers, streams. through the woods and fields, maybe just around the block. But there was one walk a few years ago I should not have taken. That was the walk around the beaver pond in Fairfield, Ohio,   
     I had visited the pond many times. Sometimes after a heavy rain the dam would be damaged but the beavers would quickly get to work repairing it. They turned a small stream into a large pond by building that dam.
     Well, back to that fateful walk. As I...
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Autumn Is In The Air.

September 19, 2009

     We still have a few peppers in the vegetable garden, a few tomatoes, and a whole lot of weeds!  Summer is gone , it's getting cooler at night.  It's time to think over or review what we did in the garden this year.  
     Several kinds of leaf lettuce were planted in late March, they did very well and we had quite a few "free" salads.  Well, let's see, with fertilizer, water, various sprays, and a lot of hours spent, I think each "free" salad cost about $16.99.   At least it was fun.  Nex...

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Our Search for the Pileated Woodpecker

September 18, 2009
     Marilyn and I set out this morning on one of our favorite local adventures, a trip to the Cincinnati Nature Center. The C.N.C. is about a thousand acres of woods, ponds, fields, streams, trails, and quite a bit of wildlife. As always, we were hopeing to spot a Pileated woodpecker, a bird that we do not often see. 
     Heading out on a trail that we have only hiked a few times, we were soon deep into the woods. We talked softly and walked slowly, scaning the woods with our eyes and ears. ...

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