Crocus                       Dandelion

There it was, the first one of the year, a darn dandelion. As I looked out from our sunroom, which overlooks the backyard, I saw the distinctive bright yellow invader. It spoiled the look of the yard, that darn dandelion. I went outside to rid the yard of the unwanted weed. As I approached the yellow spot in the lawn I suddenly realized something, it was not a dandelion. Not a hated dandelion at all, but a crocus, a bright yellow crocus was flowering in the yard. Some creature, perhaps a squirrel or chipmunk, must have dug it from someones garden last year and then transplanted it into our yard. I found the sight of the crocus quite refreshing and beautiful as late Winter was lingering on. I was glad to see it. But now I have to ask myself something, why did I find it ugly when I perceived it as a dandelion but found it beautiful when I realized it was a yellow crocus? I pondered that question for quite a while. I still haven’t figured it out, but I guess that it shows that we can’t always judge something (someone?) by first observation. If we think we see something then that is what we see, even if that is not what is really there. I’m still thinking about that.

I stood over the crocus for a while, looking down at it. A chilly breeze was blowing, but I felt warmed by the sight of the crocus, that bright yellow circle in the lawn. It was like a miniature Sun, with its long slender leaves radiating outward, as do the rays of the Sun. For only a very short time in the late Winter or early Spring do we get to enjoy the beauty of the crocus, then it is gone, hopefully to return next year. I guess that is what makes the crocus a special sight.

I reached down and touched the crocus flower, as a gambler would touch his lucky rabbits foot. Then I headed back toward the house.

I took no more than one, maybe two, steps toward the house before I noticed another one. Another spot of brightness in the yard, and in my day. Yes, it was another crocus. I wondered how many there may be in the yard, and how they got there. I stepped quickly as I headed toward the second crocus. Then I realized something. It wasn’t a crocus at all. It was a dandelion.

I think I smiled a bit, just a little. I reached down with the intention of plucking the weed from the lawn, but instead I touched the dandelion, as a gambler would touch his lucky rabbits foot.

Then I headed back to the warmth of the sunroom, feeling good, smiling just a little, and feeling lucky.