Below is a blog that I wrote a few months ago. I do not know why I didn't post it then, but here it is.

“How are they doing, have they grown any yet?” Marilyn asked about the pepper plants.

“We just planted them yesterday.” I replied. “How much could they have grown in 24 hours?” She is so impatient when it comes to the garden. Well, I say she‘s impatient, she says she‘s optimistic. Maybe she is right. Anyway, all the plants are looking good.

The tomato plants are looking especially strong for this early in the season. I think it will be a good year. We harvested some lettuce leaves today for a salad, they were crisp and tender. We both decided yesterday to try to lose a few pounds so maybe a few homegrown salads couldn’t hurt.

“I think I have lost some weight already!” Marilyn declared.

“We just started yesterday, how could you have lost already?” I said. She is so impatient. Err…I mean optimistic