Who wouldn't like to have a lake front home? You can, sort of!  By useing free photo editing websites you can take a picture of your yard and put a lake right on your property.

               A FAKE LAKE ! 

  This photo was done useing a photo of our sunroom and backyard garden and LunaPic free online software.

     Below are photos of our Goldfish Pond.  It's REAL,  unlike the "lake" above.      


OUR BACKYARD GOLDFISH POND.    We enjoy sitting by the water or viewing it from our sunroom.  Many birds, amphibians, dragonflies, and other creatures can be seen at the pond. 

Hardy waterlillies can overwinter in the pond.  We have to divide ours every year because they grow so fast. 


If you are planning to build a garden pond take my advice and make it bigger than your first plan. I have already enlarged our pond once and I am still not satisfied.  I think we will enlarge it once more this spring. I plan on increasing the diameter by about four feet and the depth by about a foot.  We will have to be finished with the project by early Spring because dozens of toads show up by mid to late April to lay their eggs in the pond.  I will post day by day progress when we start the project.  -   


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