We visited Lake Cumberland, which is a reservoir that covers 60,000 acres of several counties, in south-central Kentucky. The lake is 100 miles long and over one mile wide at the widest point. Sections of the lake are nearly 200 feet deep.




We were in awe as we watched the sun rise over the lake.

           Oh, Happy Day!


The trees were showing off their Autumn foliage.

The photo below shows the mist over the lake on our second day there. 


 Below are some of the many Turkey Vultures, also known as buzzards, that we saw near the lake. These birds ride the thermal updrafts all day rarely haveing to flap their wings. Turkey Vultures have excellent eyesight and a keen sense of smell which they use to find the dead animals (carrion) that they eat. They can have a wingspan of nearly seven feet.



                                      Below: Two pairs of Lovie-Dovie Birds enjoy the scenery at Lake Cumberland. 


                                                                                  WILD TURKEYS 

We were wondering whether we would see some of the wild turkeys that had recently been seen near our lodge. We came upon this flock on one of our hikes in the woods at Lake Cumberland. 


As all of you hikers, hunters, and outdoorspeople know wild animals can disappear before your eyes into the woods.  We followed these turkeys a short distance until they headed into a valley and vanished into the brush.

The ground where the wild turkeys were feeding was covered with acorns and hickory nuts, two of the turkeys favorite Autumn food items.

               Play the slideshow of our trip below.

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